Full import and export service

Foreign trade

At Black Sea Iberica we work with more than 20 countries around the world, in some of which we have our own offices and centres.

More than 30 years of experience in the nut and food sector, make BLACK SEA IBERICA a leader in import and export.

Our team of professionals has a long experience in the management of foreign trade projects. We are specialists in the management of export departments and in the development of international business.

We have extensive experience in international trade in Europe, Latin America and China, as well as contacts with the main decision-makers in the sector. We provide an objective, external and, above all, expert vision and offer a comprehensive service that ends with the achievement of optimum results in the internationalisation of our products, which is our main objective.

We know the difficulty of preparing documents, because each country has different laws, tariffs, required documentation, which is why trusting imports and exports in BLACK SEA IBERICA SL is synonymous with GUARANTEE, QUALITY and that will result in TOTAL SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND SUPPLIERS.


From BLACK SEA IBERICA SL we strive in all processes in the purchase or sale of a product and from our logistics department we have all the necessary tools to serve in time and form the products, we have our own delegations in Spain and Europe and we are able to store and transport the product from our warehouses to anywhere in the world.

In our logistics warehouses in Valencia and Burgos we can store goods both at room temperature and cold (6 degrees centigrade), and we can adapt to customer requirements in the way of preparing orders, whether for large volumes or smaller volumes.

Our logistics department is in permanent contact with the main road transport companies, as well as the main shipping companies, in order to offer our customers a complete service at a competitive price.

Quality laboratories

For BLACK SEA IBERICA SL, the care and quality of the products is ESSENTIAL, we do not buy any product that has not passed through our quality department, we have external laboratories specialised in the analysis of nuts and seeds, as well as wine.

Each lot is analysed in different parameters, adjusting to the requirements of our customers, and giving a contribution and value to the product. All products are analysed at origin when they are shipped, and once they arrive at their destination, they are analysed again. We periodically carry out sampling of the goods we have in stock to ensure that the quality remains intact.

For BLACK SEA IBERICA SL giving a good service and a QUALITY product is fundamental and that is why we have a quality department that has the necessary tools to ensure that the final product is EXCELLENT.

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